четверг, 26 декабря 2013 г.


It was Christmas eve and we celebrated it, being inspired by movies about Christmas and Christmas dishes…ohm..love them..There is no snow here, so I dream about making a snowman or playing snow angels. I miss that time, when I celebrated New year and Christmas, going to the outskirts, where there always were tons of snow.
I’ve noticed that yesterday people I met were so kind to me. I suppose, they  forgot all their concerns and problems  and decided to be more open  to  each  other that day. Of course I don’t speak about all people, but my friends really were unusually more open - hearted yesterday. Maybe they were pleased with their Christmas presents and wanted to save that Christmas mood.

I decided to dress up in white, because I associate light colors with snow, freeze and tenderness. Of course, I  couldn’t afford not to wear a  purple jacket to add some brightness to my look.  I like winter celebrations, because then I always stay inspired by coming changes in my life. That’s because I know that every new year will bring a lot of new people, events and adventures to my life. I hope, that I will stay in this mood for a long time, wish you the same.
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  1. Thanks again for messaging me on Lookbook. I followed you on GFC, hope you will do the same!


  2. Happy New Year!! :) I am following you, I hoper you'll follow me back :)

  3. I love the pics and the winter white outfit. Great post =)